A highly regarded community hospital, proud of its quality and intensive care capabilities, had a Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP) rate above its peers in a national comparative database. Although up to date with recommended practices–raising the head of the bed, good infection control, instituting “ventilator bundle” orders–month after month, the high VAP rate persisted.

Using the Big!mprovement method offered by HealthWorks enabled this hospital to find its own unique systemic issues and enabled its excellent leaders and staff to get behind real outcome improvement. They found that multiple factors were contributing to the high VAP rate. Rather than waiting to test, study and modify incremental improvements, the multidisciplinary team was energized to completely redesign their processes for the care of patients with ventilators. The direct result was an immediate and sustained dramatic reduction in VAP rates as well as in the costs associated with this complication.

The HealthWorks approach has met with enthusiasm from hospitals and doctors who want to ensure consistently excellent outcomes in clinical and administrative processes.