A community hospital in the Midwest had seen a loss of 4.2 market share points between 1996 and 2000. Its financial performance had headed south. And its medical staff and the community at large was short of physicians in nearly every specialty.

HealthWorks was engaged to work closely with leaders to prepare an integrated Medical Staff Development Plan – Strategic Plan. Among the most important initiatives from this plan were an aggressive, multi-year physician recruitment program; a set of specific service development initiatives; and a set of specific improvements in operational effectiveness and efficiency.

These were implemented according to plan, along with a facility development project and additional operations improvements.

By 2004, the trend of declining market share had been arrested and reversed. Since 2004, market share has increased by 1.6 share points and is on a trajectory to surpass the high point in 1996 and to leapfrog the principal competitor. Financial performance has improved significantly. And physician supply has climbed from the 11th to the 28th percentile among the 306 U.S. hospital referral regions.