Richard Hencke, MD

Richard Hencke, MD specializes in emergency medicine and medical management.

For 17 years Richard was director of emergency services at San Jose Medical Center where he also served as the Center’s chief of staff. While at San Jose Medical Center, he was one of the key leaders in development of a regional trauma center, an urgent care center and a chest pain center. Richard served on the Board of the hospital and the hospital’s system-wide governing board and finance committee. He led development of a network of four occupational health clinics and served as its director and managed his medical group and a medical billing company.  He also served for over 7 years as a Calstar Medical Advisor. Currently a staff physician at Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz, Richard has 38 years experience in emergency medicine and medical management.

Richard received his medical degree from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School at Dallas and is Board certified in Emergency Medicine and in Medical Management