Mark Murray, MD, MPA

Mark Murray, M.D. is an international authority on the development of access and flow systems within healthcare.  He has specific expertise in areas such as patient access to appointments in primary, specialty and ancillary care; patient access to information; and healthcare demand/supply matching and balance. Drawing from his direct experience in healthcare delivery and management, Mark has a unique perspective as a physician who practiced in multiple environments, as well as an understanding of how other businesses and industries use flow and demand/supply matching. He has also initiated and developed multi-operational quality improvement efforts and has consulted with healthcare organizations worldwide on a variety of quality improvement strategies including efficiencies in office practices, the development of healthcare teams, change management in healthcare settings, physician compensation and “big system” flow.

Mark has worked with various types of organizations including the US government; fee for service and capitated environments; health practices, systems, plans and organizations; insurance companies; and various medical groups. In addition, he has worked extensively abroad.

Mark completed his undergraduate training at St Mary’s College in California; attended Creighton University Medical School in Omaha, Nebraska; completed a residency in Family Medicine at the University of California, Davis; and obtained a Master’s degree in Health Services Administration from St Mary’s College. Following his medical training, he organized and developed a medical practice in an underserved rural area in Northern California.  He also worked for Kaiser Permanente for 19 years holding various administrative positions including Assistant Chief of Medicine North Sacramento Valley where he had operational responsibility for the care of 270,000 patients; and Director of a regional call center which served 1.2 million patients.