When you hire HealthWorks, you get practical advice based on broad experience, tailored analytics and objective market intelligence. Our team of consultants has extensive senior-level experience in hospitals, health systems and physician groups, so we understand first-hand the realities of health care organization leadership.

What we believe

We believe in a collaborative process. We work closely with you to combine our market insight and industry experience with your internal knowledge. We emphasize collaboration between physicians and hospital leaders by identifying common interests and designing partnerships that align incentives and promote synergy. As we work with client staff, we aim to build internal management knowledge and skill.

We believe in data-driven solutions. We are known for our clear, practical presentation of data about markets and organizations. Our phased approach — engaging your team in previews, dialogue and refinements — brings clarity and consensus to support leadership decision-making. We focus on establishing feedback systems comparing actual to desired performance in clinical outcomes and financial results.

We believe in bold vision. We challenge leaders to consider alternatives that include bold and innovative visions for clinical services, financial performance and market position.

What we do

  • Strategic and business planning: Health system planning, hospital strategic and business planning, operational improvement, physician integration, facility planning
  • Trauma center planning and development: Planning, feasibility studies, preparation for trauma center designation, market surveys, nursing education services, outcomes research, and implementation and financial performance optimization
  • Valuation Services: All categories of compensation and business valuation, including commercial reasonableness and fair market value analysis across all categories of hospital-physician agreements
  • Hospital and physician integration: Integration strategy, planning, implementation and practice management support, from vision through implementation
  • Litigation support: Expert witness services and consulting advisory and support services in dispute resolution settings including negotiation, mediation, arbitration and trial

Who we serve

Our 20-plus year client experience includes over 280 organizations across the U.S.

  • Tertiary and academic medical centers, community hospitals and rural hospitals
  • Multi-hospital health care systems
  • Trauma centers
  • Physician groups
  • Law firms
  • Managed care health plans

About HealthWorks